We want to stalk your friends

Here at dropbunny, we like connecting people. In the most bizarre and inexplicable ways possible.

The Plan:::

If you know someone who might like our music, chuck in their mailling address below. In exchange we'll send them a confusing postcard designed to a) recommend db to them, and b) subtly create a paranoiac environment where they know not who to trust, leading them to a complete mental breakdown which only ends when they run around the street with a colander on their head, screaming about the secret cabal of neo-nazi zionists from Venus that are relentlessly exterminating themselves in order to fuck with the price of cheese.

It also has a picture of a fractaline octo-bunny! How rad!

Privacy info:: We don't take any name information. We send the postcards off within 72 hours, then delete the address details. So noone (including us!) will be able to access any addresses after that time, even if we get hacked. And needless to say, we don't share that information with anyone outside dropbunny. Hooray!

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