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FYI this game is around 19 mb, so may take a while to load. You can download a standalone executable version of the game here if you'd rather not play it in a browser.

It's also worth knowing that the game *is* beatable - there are 3 seperate levels to run around in before the exciting conclusion. Good luck!

Uh oh! Unfortunately this game requires both Flash and Javascript to play. These don't seem to be working for you! You can, however, download the game directly here, and play it offline to your heart's content.

Follow the background noises until you find what you need. Then find a rabbit. Problem solved!

Known bugs:
1. The stereotype of drooling and illiterate musicians is well the game, schizophrenia is spelled "shitzophrenia". I'm sorry, we're making you dumber.

2. If you tap the arrow keys while in the terminals, the game may fuck up so you can't go to terminals anymore.

If you find any more bugs, please let us know at or . Have fun!

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