dropbunny (drop-buhn-ee) noun:
1. A trickster spirit or demon, appearing in the form of a green rabbit, known for taking possession of humans and causing terrifying visions. Often the possessed experiences being transported to alternate worlds deep within their psyche, from which they return forever changed. [see related: puka]

2. A form of mental illness similar to schizophrenia, often causing auditory and visual hallucinations, and typified by a compulsion in sufferers to create unusual art, conduct strange occult rituals and consume weird chemical concoctions, in order to “break down the walls” between their hallucinations and reality.

dropbunny are a Melbourne seven-piece who create furious, dark and ecstatic music. Showing deep irreverence for musical traditions, they seamlessly combine bizarre time signatures and a vast range of sounds to create angst-ridden psychotropic landscapes unlike any Australian metal to date. They have recently completed their second full-length studio album, “IO”.

Proving that they don't need to compromise between artistry and anger, dropbunny are as comfortable incorporating elements of folk, jazz, avant garde soundscapes and electronica as they are with blistering metal riffs. “Anything to make the experience more intense.” says singer Xero, “We won't shy away from using light, conventionally 'pretty' instrumentation at times, in order to make the violent sections even more confronting.” As a result, dropbunny incorporate violin, double-bass, sitar and synths to create an unusually broad and dissonant sound.

"Hypothesis" quickly sold over 1500 units, without any formal distribution (at shows, local music shops and via their website). This amount would have put them at #50 in the ARIA charts had the album been sold through more mainstream distribution channels - a phenomenal effort for an independent band's first outing. 'Hypotheis' has also received extensive airplay across Australia, with their first single “A Beginner's Guide to Self-Destruction” featuring on popular music show, Rage.

Their debut album, "Hypothesis", is available for free download at www.dropbunny.com


After touring relentlessly across Australia and the US, and a slight change in line-up (including the addition of 3 exceptionally talented singers and percussionists), dropbunny returned to the studio in 2011 to create their 18 track epic, “IO”.

"IO" signifies a deeper progression for the band - the album is simultaneously heavier, catchier, more technical and more horrifying in places. It is intentionally structured to take the listener on a coherent and frightening journey through the darker side of the human psyche. Three tracks from the album hit #1, #3 and #20 in the Triple J Unearthed metal charts, with the song "Irredeemably Fucked" also appearing on both the "Jack, Jill and Coke vol 17" compilation for Blunt Magazine, and the Euphony Fusion V metal compilation by Welkin Entertainment.

"IO" is available now from www.dropbunny.com and www.dropbunny.bandcamp.com

Like a cheap wine, dropbunny get sharper and more bitter with age.


"The songwriting is extremely complex, a little like we have come to expect from Meshuggah." – Disagreement.net, 9/10

"The art is undoubted, but there is not one note of optimism, there is only darkness in which we suffer every moment more and more." - Guitarist Magazine (Poland), 9/10

"Thank you, crazy band! You really surprised me!" - Femforgacs.hu, 9/10

"Behind the stupid name hides one of the best Australian bands of the time...With dropbunny, you touch the incredible, the stunning, and the visionary." - Music In Belgium, 4/5

"This is a great artistic triumph!" - Music Waves 8/10

"Listening to the album IO is like taking a few mind altering substances, falling down a crazy rabbit hole, and then getting your ass shot out the other side." - Metal Temple, 8/10

"The vision-strong ensemble excels in disruptive and chaotic music, experimenting wildly with all kinds of metal." - Metalized, 8/10

“Damn I so want to see this band perform live!” - Metal Kulture Radio

"A killer blend of extreme styles done right." - Beowulf Productions

"This has to be at the top of my list of weird metal; in fact, if there was a sub-genre called ‘weird metal’ these guys would be the champions." - Booze Beats & Bites

"dropbunny takes the heavy sound and strong rhythms of bands like Mudvayne or Deftones...but also make it more melodic and more twisted, more convoluted, adding continuous changes of rhythms, beats, atmospheres and above all very, very experimental, as if it were a Frankenstein." - Pitchline Zine

"Somehow, what dropbunny have done is fuse [experimental and song-oriented music] in cohesive way that doesn’t feel overly pretensions nor too generic." - The Independent Voice

"dropbunny is unlike anything I’ve heard in a long time." - This Is Not A Scene

"dropbunny makes dangerous and non commercial music, a bit like when you heard punk rock the first time in 1977" - Kaj Roth

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